3 Tips on Choosing New Door Locks

There are a few reasons why people decide they want an emergency locksmith to carry out a lock change.  The most common is part of burglar repairs when someone has tried to get into the house or maybe has succeeded and you want different locks.  Maybe you are feeling a little vulnerable and want to add stronger or additional locks. 

Whatever the case, there are a few different types of locks you can choose from.  Unlike when you have lost car keys and an automotive locksmith replaces car locks, you don’t have to have the same as what is already in place.

New Door Locks Telford

Main types of locks

There are three main types of locks you can choose for your home.  If you don’t have one of these on your doors or a similar standard of garage door security, then you might want to upgrade.

5 lever mortice deadlocks

These are the standard deadlock that features in most homes and can be locked from both the inside and the outside.  Sometimes a night latch is added for an extra level of security.  These locks can conform to BS 3621 and can often get you a discount on your home insurance when they are on all doors alongside window locks.

Key operated multi-point locking system

This type of lock effectively bolts the door to the frame and has multiple points of locking that all operate with the turn of a single key.  It is the kind of locks you find on most UPVC and composite doors.

Rim automatic deadlatch with key locking handle

This kind of lock will be mounted on the inside of the door.  It has a cylinder inside the lock that connected to a keyhole outside of the door and this means you can securely lock the door from inside.

How to pick the right locks

When you work with an expert locksmith, they will be able to guide you through the process of choosing the right locks but if you like to know a little about how the process works, here are some considerations.

The choice of locks is about more than how it looks.  The type of door plays a part as does the level of security you want.  For example, a mortice lock wouldn’t work in a multi-point locking system of a UPVC door.  And if there is damage to the door or the frame, this will impact any type of security that is added to it.

You can even go to the level of having patented or restricted locks on your home.  Patented keys are where extra keys cannot be made without proof of ownership and restricted keys cannot be copied due to their unique or unusual design.

Getting the right locksmith

The final part of getting the right locks is ensuring you use a qualified and experienced locksmith that works to the right British Standards.  By ensuring you use either an emergency or non-emergency locksmith with the right credentials, you can be sure that the locks will work as designed and protect your home.

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