Why Might You Need an Emergency Locksmith?

It is a situation most of us will run into at some point – you go to get into your car, realise the keys are already in there and the door is locked. Or you walk out of the house, allowing the door to shut and lock behind you then realise your keys are on the kitchen bench.  These are just a couple of examples of the kind of situations where you might need an emergency locksmith.  Here are a few more examples and situations.

Need an Emergency Locksmith Telford

Burglary repairs

One of the most urgent situations for an emergency locksmith to be called is for repairs after a burglary.  This is where someone has either broken into the house or attempted to and there is damage to the locks on the house.  Sometimes the locks are okay and haven’t been tampered with but the homeowner simple feels safer with a lock change.  In this situation, locks would be taken off and new ones installed, sometimes with additional security to help them feel more secure.

Broken locks or keys

If a lock breaks or a key snaps in it, you will often need an emergency locksmith to sort the problem.  In many cases, locks can be fixed, and keys removed and duplicates made.  But if there’s no way to repair the lock, then a locksmith can easily remove the broken locks and add new ones that work perfectly.

Garage door security

Most of us will check our doors have good locks on them but it is easy to forget that you need similar levels of security on your garage door.  If you don’t have the right garage door security or it has been damaged in a break-in, you will want someone to come and add that security quickly.  This will help secure the house but also protect any valuables that you store in the garage.

Lost car keys

If you have lost car keys, then you need an automotive locksmith who can help you gain access to your car. And most emergency locksmiths will also offer this service.  With the right equipment, the locksmith can get access to the car and if you don’t have spare keys, then new locks may be needed, or new keys created.

Repair broken or damaged car locks

Sometimes it isn’t the house that someone tries to break into but your car.  And if this is the case, you will want to have the locks on the vehicle checked.  An emergency automotive locksmith will be able to assess the locks to see the level of damage caused and what the best option is to deal with it.  The same applies if there is damage to the locks or a key has been jammed in them.

Finding an emergency locksmith

If you find you need an emergency locksmith, then look for one in your area as they will be able to come out quickly.  Also, look to see if they offer 24/7 call out and are around 365 days of the year – and see if they have a call out charge before you commit!

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